How much does a building inspection cost?

Buying a home is an exciting experience, but not all houses are built equal. Discovering major issues after you’ve purchased can end up costing you a bomb or affecting your health.

It’s crucial that you look for problems before it comes to this.

When it comes to buying and selling, we always like to put trust in people, but the fact is, concealment of possible defects is a widespread concern in properties for sale. It’s so easy for hidden defects to go unnoticed during an open home visit unless an experienced property inspector is engaged to carry out a pre-purchase inspection.

A strong need has been developing over the years for home buyers to become more aware of the Property and Construction Industries than ever before.


Just as all homes are not equal, nor are all home inspectors.

In today’s market of Home Inspectors there is an influx of unqualified entities, franchisees and companies with volume home inspectors.

Agents love these entities, because they get it wrong.

The unqualified make statements within their reports which are inconclusive and therefore inadmissible. It’s too late in the buying process to understand what impact this will have on you as a buyer because most buyers don’t read the reports until it’s too late.

Person calculating cost of building inspection


  • You look at a property,
  • You like what you see on the surface,
  • You put in an offer,
  • The Agent pushes you to pay a larger deposit to secure the deal and prevent others from gazumping you,
  • You oblige because you are under pressure,
  • You then try to arrange your valuation, your inspections and other required inspections,
  • The qualified inspectors are busy and can’t do your inspection the same day or the next,
  • So, you start searching in desperation and choose an inspector who is available now,
  • His cost is between $50 and $300, you jump at this offer because it’s a bargain,
  • You receive the report,
  • You start reading to find there is no substance or sense in the story you are being told,
  • You put the report away,
  • Pressure is mounting so most people just buy on pressure,
  • You move in,
  • Six weeks later you notice mould or termites,
  • You panic once again,
  • Do you call the inspector or the inspector’s insurer?
  • Decisions, decisions,
  • You find out the inspector is not a builder and is not qualified,

… sadly, this story is all too familiar for many Australians active in the property market.

An Australian home inspector does not have to be licensed, except in QLD.


You should have asked the pre-purchase home inspector for qualifications, history as being in the building industry and for testimonials, let alone a mandatory CV.

As you did not do this, reality is now setting in and you have spent and borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars on what is formally called, “a Lemon”.

Infrared inspections


  • Contact a prudent and qualified home inspector and get to know them,
  • Even if you are not yet buying,
  • Read and research their CV and testimonials,

A good inspector will be able to answer all your questions.

A home inspector must have incentive to give you what you need.

The costs of this type of service varies from $600 to $1000  and may include free ongoing advice via text or email for the life you live in your home.

building & pest inspections

A Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection should provide adequate information for a purchaser to make a well informed decision, prior to its purchase.


Many Australian families are buying property without the knowledge required to make well informed decisions before purchase.

Nasty surprises that could be lurking in your next home include:

Any, or a combination, of these issues could leave you with significant unexpected costs or, even worse, health issues.



The nasty surprises that could be lurking in your next home and how to avoid them

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Don’t let your Lawyer or your Conveyancer advise you on whether to buy the home you are looking at.

Never let the Real Estate Agent hurry you because someone else is looking to buy the home you want.

With so much to think about, it’s important to have the right people helping and guiding you into your new home.

A pre-purchase inspection carried out by an individual of integrity and reputation is what you must look for.