New Construction Inspections

Frame pre sheet Inspection

Here we look at the quality of workmanship completed by the trades during the major stages of construction. Basically, we look at all aspects of the timber or steel framework construction from the floor, walls to the roof framing, the brickwork, the roof tiling, wall cladding, window and door installation and a general overview of site safety. 

It is here we advise our clients about the need to obtain certain certification from your builder to ensure a smooth transition when they move in at handover stage. 

Ascert building inspections Newcastle will deal directly with your builder and their site supervisors so they are aware of this process.

Building Inspections Belmont
building inspection of ceiling and windows

Final Practical Completion Inspection

A building PCI completion and or defect report is a report you obtain once your new home has been built and is complete, prior to handover. This inspection can also be utilised at practical completion. ASCERT can also be used on major additions or extensions to a property. 

This is the last chance you will get to see if the workmanship to your new home and or additions is completed satisfactorily and is compliant. 

This is the most important stage in your contract as you, the homeowner, hold the power to have the defects and incomplete works rectified before you pay the final payment and before you actually move in. Can you think of anything worse than moving in while the builders are still working?!

Building Defect Inspections 

You should obtain this report within 90 days of the completion of your new home. Give your list and our report to the builder so that they may begin rectifying further defects and or any incomplete issues. 

After three months the standard builder’s warranty liability period will expire, and they will no longer be responsible for non-structural issues other than the Statutory Warranty requirements under the Home Warranty Insurance requirements. 

Your home is covered for 2 years minor structural, 6 years major structural.

Builder completing Final Inspection of New Construction
building inspection report

Home Owner Warranty Inspections 

If you are a homeowner who holds builder’s warranty, it is strongly recommended that an inspection report is carried out on the building before the end of the warranty period (6 or 7 years) depending on when the building was completed, to identify any building defects that your original builder is obligated to rectify.

Our home warranty inspections are conducted by experts in defects construction. We carry out inspections on bathroom and kitchen renovations, additions, extensions and alterations. Our services in home warranty inspections include new homes, subdivisions, duplexes, dual occupancies, units and villa developments.

Once we have completed our inspection, we will compile a home warranty inspection report or an owner/builder warranty report for you to submit to your insurer.